Nice to Meet you

I’m Jane Walgren and I was born and raised in California, which I am forever thankful for. I grew up in the city of Simi Valley and was always a very quiet girl and that shyness followed me all the way into college. I always struggled with speaking in public and even saying “here” during roll call. To my surprise, I was recruited by my professor to join the Moorpark College speech team after taking a public speaking class! Since then I have gained the confidence I always wanted and found a pathway to the career I aspire to have. I plan on transferring to a university and majoring in Journalism, specifically broadcast, therefore I am interested in learning about reporting and writing for media.

If I could have any career in the world it would be to become a White House Correspondent. I spend a lot of my free time watching the news and keeping updated on the world of politics. I believe it’s critical to be educated on what is happening in the country and around the world.



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